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How do I transfer my car registration to California?

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

If you've recently relocated to California, one of the first things you should do is register your vehicle. This is true even if you are only visiting California because vehicle registration in California is based on where the car is driven rather than where the owner lives. [1] It may appear to be a hassle, but it's really not that bad if you prepare your paperwork ahead of time.

Within 20 days of moving to California, you must register your out-of-state vehicle.

To register your car in California, use the title or registration from your previous state.

Before applying for California vehicle registration, have a VIN inspection and a smog check performed.

SB Auto Registration is a DMV Partner who will assist you in every step of the vehicle registration process in California.

Required Documents

  • Vehicle out-of-state title and / or registration Card if Vehicle is still financed

  • A valid smog Certificate

  • Vin Verification

We will save you time and multiple trips to DMV, No wait no line. and provide you with all the DMV Forms required in addition to the Vin Verification.

SB Auto Registration Service located at 4241 Redondo Beach Blvd Lawndale Ca 90260 310-504-0556

Give us a call or text us at 310-504-0556, about your paperwork, Service Fees you need to register your car!

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