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Transferring a Vehicle Title To new owner?

Vehicle Title Transfer Are you considering selling or buying a vehicle? Whether you want to register a new car in your name or change of ownership. Our vehicle title transfer service is here to help you save time and bypass DMV hassles. We handle all the paperwork, ensuring submission. Count on us to simplify the Title Transfer process. Contact us today. SB Auto Registration is an authorized DMV Provider. The process of car title transfer is necessary whenever there is a change in the registered owner or lienholder of a vehicle. This information must be updated in the DMV's records within 10 days, and the California Certificate of Title should be transferred to the new owner.

Common reasons for a change in ownership include sale, gift, donation, adding or deleting an owner's name, inheritance, or the satisfaction of a lien (full payment of a car loan). There are different categories for title transfers:

Simple Transfers: In this type of transfer, the seller signs the title to release ownership, and the buyer also signs. The buyer takes the title to the DMV office to apply for a certificate of title with their name and address. Additionally, the buyer should apply for vehicle registration during this process.

Transfers Involving Lenders: If you financed the car and are about to pay off the car loan, it's time to obtain the title or update it to remove the name of the lienholder.

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