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DMV Vehicle Registration Service

<h1> DMV Vehicle Registration Service</h1>

DMV Vehicle Registration services is now convenient and time saving with us.

SB Auto Registration DMV Service is your one-stop shop to make all of your DMV Vehicle Registration needs easy and convenient. With knowledgeable staff, we guarantee that you'll get your DMV paperwork quickly and taken care of right the first time.

Vehicle Registration Renewal

Vehicle Title Transfer

Out of State Vehicle Title Transfer to CA

Vehicle Vin Verification

Salvage Title Transfer


Avoid DMV Lines and Penalties

We Can Handle all your DMV Registration Transactions.

Licensed by the California DMV to register vehicles.

Lost Registration or Lost Title
Vehicle Registration Renewal

Do you have a lost registration card or sticker? Don't wait until you get a ticket.  now, can help you replace them. You can obtain a duplicate of your existing registration card the same day, and your new sticker or plate will be delivered the following working day. There is no need for time-consuming DMV trips.  can assist you in getting back on the road. It is that easy.

Don't wait weeks to receive your new Auto Registration Card and stickers. Get registration card the same day with SB Auto Registration. or we can Mail it to your House next day.

Vehicle Title Transfer

just purchased a vehicle  and want to save yourself a bunch of trips to the DMV, let SBAutoregistration take care of the  transfer and save time. 

Register a vehicle in your name there are different steps you need to take to transfer a vehicle title. Make sure you have the following documentation and other items to initiate a California vehicle title transfer:

  • A CA Title or an Application for Replacement or Transfer of Title (Form REG 227)

  • The signature of the seller(s)

  • The signature of the lien holder (if applicable)

  • The signature of the buyer(s)

  • Payment for the transfer fee

Give us a call or text us at 310-504-0556, about your paperwork, Service Fees you need to register your car!

Register a vehicle from out of state to CA

If you just moved to California or bought a car from out of state, you are probably aware that you have to register your vehicle within 20 days after moving  to avoid paying a penalty. 

Required Documents

· Vehicle out-of-state title and / or registration Card if Vehicle is still financed

· A Completed Application for Title ( REG 343)

·         A valid smog Certificate

·         Vin Verification you will be issued a registration card, stickers, and plates same day.

Vehicle Vin Verification

A VIN verification is a check process carried out by a licensed DMV representative. It verifies that a car's VIN corresponds to the title or other ownership documentation that is provided with the vehicle. Vehicles or situations that might need a VIN verification

Duplicate/ Replace Vehicle Title

If you have lost or misplaced your original, California vehicle title and wish to avoid going to the DMV, let save you a trip. A duplicate vehicle title can be ordered here quickly and securely.

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