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Instant Registration

We’re able to issue California plates, tags and DMV registration instantly. 

At SB Auto Registration DMV Services, we want to help you with all your DMV needs to avoid Lines and Penalties
With our convenient Service, you save time . It is effective, secure, and safe. We have helped customers over 15 years Skip the DMV Line and Save Time. 

SB Auto Registration is a DMV-approved registration service provider.

SB Auto Registration has been Helping Customers for over 15 years 

·         Replace Lost Stickers

·         Replace Lost Registration Cards

·         Title Transfers

·         Registration Renewal

·         Title Transfer

·         Out of State Title Transfer

·         Lost Title

·         Register a Vehicle to your name

·         Register a vehicle from out of State to CA

·         Vin Verification

We are experts in all of DMV registration services & are regularly up-to date with CA Laws and Regulations.

Fast, Hassle-Free Service

Whether you have a complicated DMV transaction or a simple transaction, SB Auto Registration can assist you in establishing the correct DMV forms and informing you of all the steps necessary to process your vehicle registration. Save time and energy by letting us take care of the paperwork! We’re here to help.

Don’t waste your time waiting in line at the DMV. We keep our process quick and hassle-free, so you can get back on the road in no time! We'll Handle the Paperwork!

Affordable Pricing

Our fees are affordable, and are significantly lower than most of our competitors.

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