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How to Register a Salvage Vehicle?

How to Register a Salvage Vehicle in CA. Are you Considering purchasing and registering a used car with a salvage or junk title?. Whether you're buying a vehicle that was recently salvaged by an insurance company or already own one with a salvage title, there are important aspects to understand before proceeding. Firstly, only a vehicle owner or an insurance company can salvage out a vehicle, which happens before the registration process. If you want to learn more about why insurance companies salvage vehicles or how a registered owner can do the same. To register a salvaged or junked vehicle and get it on the road legally, specific steps must be followed in a particular order:

Conduct brake & lamp inspection by licensed mechanics to ensure lights are working correctly.
Complete VIN verification through the DMV or CHP (California Highway Patrol) as only authorized personnel can perform this inspection for salvaged or junked vehicles.
Obtain a smog certification
Gather the necessary forms, including Reg 343, salvage certificate or vehicle vessel transfer forms, brake and lamp light adjustment certificates, VIN verification, and potentially a smog certification.
Brake and Lamp Salvage Vehicle Registration
Salvage Vehicle Registration Brake and Lamp

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