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When Do You Need a VIN Verification ?

There could be a number of reasons why you would need a VIN verification, here are some situations where you would need to obtain one:

Vehicle purchased out state to be registered in California

  • Any person/s who purchase a vehicle from outside of California (non resident) and want to register a vehicle in CA need a vehicle VIN verification to receive a CA title.

Odometer discrepancies

  • Vehicles that have odometer errors or are in need of explanation of the validity of an odometer reading by the Department of Motor Vehicles is subject to a VIN verification.

Salvage/revived junk vehicles

  • In addition to needing a brake and lamp inspection, all salvage and revived junk vehicles are required to have a VIN verification to be registered in CA.

  • *These types of vehicles must be referred to the DMV or CHP for inspection

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