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Registering a Vehicle from Out of State in CA

Register a Vehicle from Out of State in CA ? Registering an out-of-state car in California can be a complicated process, but SB Auto Registration SB Car Titles is here to help you navigate the steps efficiently. If you've recently moved to California and need to establish residency, we have the expertise to assist you in making your vehicle street legal in CA.
Before your vehicle can be registered and legally operated in California, certain inspections are required:
Smog / Emissions Testing: California is strict about emissions testing, and your vehicle must pass the smog test. SB Auto Registration can help facilitate the smog testing process.
VIN Verification: This inspection confirms the vehicle identification number and whether it is a commercial or standard automobile. SB Auto Registration can process Vin Verification on-site, making it convenient for you.
Out of State Title: You'll need the title to prove ownership of the vehicle and register it in California. If you don't have the title yet, the DMV offers the Golden-Rod Title option, allowing you to register your car with just the registration card from the other state.
Out of State Vehicle Registration
Register a vehicle from out of State in CA

For those bringing in a non-resident vehicle still under financing, obtaining the title might be challenging. However, the DMV provides a solution called the Golden-Rod option, allowing registration with the registration card from the other state.
At SB Auto Registration, we understand the complexities of registering out-of-state vehicles in California. Let us be your DMV experts, ensuring a fast and hassle-free process so you can drive your vehicle legally on California roads. Call us now at 310-504-0556 to get started.

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